Vision Document 2030 for New India


  • The government has prepared a list of 10 most important dimensions in 2030 and accordingly, has prepared its Vision Document.
  • He said, ‘We will build an India where poverty, malnutrition, dirt and illiteracy will be the talk of the past.
  • India will be an equitable and transparent society with a modern, technologically driven, high growth

Key Facts

  1. Under the first dimension of the hypothesis, to build a physical and social infrastructure for an economy of 10 trillion dollars and a comfortable life.
  2. Under the second dimension of the hypothesis, the creation of a digital India is where our young generation will lead it by generating millions of jobs in the start-up and eco-system at a large scale in the creation of Digital India.
  3. Special focus on electrical vehicles and renewable energy to make India a pollution free nation.
  4. Creating large-scale employment through rural industrialization expansion using modern digital technologies.
  5. Efficient use of water in irrigation through adopting clean rivers and minor irrigation techniques with safe drinking water for all Indians.
  6. Strengthening the efforts of the Sagarmala program, empowering the development of the country through the coastal and sea routes of India.
  7. Our space program- Gaganayan, India has become the ‘launch pad’ of leaving the satellites of the world, and by 2022, sending the Indian astronaut to space reflects this dimension.
  8. To make India self-reliant in food production and food exports in the most biological way and export foodgrains to meet the world’s food requirements.
  9. Healthy India and a better health care and comprehensive health system as well as Ayushmann Bharat and women’s participation will be an important component of it by 2030.
  10. To give India the form of a minimum government, maximum governance with a nation where the governance of the colleagues and officers running on shoulders with a chosen government can be embodied.

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