Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations include reduction of extreme poverty levels to almost half, universal primary education, and prevention of diseases like AIDS, etc. Which one of the following year has been set as a deadline for the attainment of these goals?

Recently, UNDP Survey related to poverty has made a Multi Dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) the basis forwhich wbs developed by experts from Oxford University. Which one of the following factors is not included in the Multi Dimensional Povgrty Index?

Which one of the following statements regarding Census 2011 is true?

Consider the following Statements and select the
correct code:
The Centre has decided to appoint Lok Karmis and Lok Sevaks for the proper implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment
Guarantee Act (MGREGA).
Lok Karmis and Lok Sevaks would assist and support the marginalised section in the realisation of their entitlemeirts/rights rmder
the Act.
Lok Sevak will be a designated person at the Gram Panchayat level and Lok Karmi will be appoinrcd with a territorial jurisdiction not exceeding 4 blocks.

Select the correct statements about the 'hybrid annuity model' (HAM) which the government has launched recently to promote the road projects in the country-use the codes given below:
It is an improvement over the existing 'engineering-procurement-construction' model
of the PPP.
Investment participation in this model is between the GoI and the private firm in the ratio of 40:60.
Toll is to be collected by the government while the private participator gets a fixed amount of annuity for a defined period of time.
Risks related to clearance, compensation, commercial and traffrc is to be borne by the ggvernment.

Select the correct statements related to the Union Budget given below with the help of the code given below:
The recently released Budget Manual of the Union Government has the purpose ofputting
the entire process of budget-making to various organs of the government, business houses, institutions and the general public.
The Manual has been prepared by the Budget Division of the Department of Economic Affairs.
The Ministry of Finance, every year, issues the 'budget circular' in the month of October.
The Manual isalso intended to maintain the secretive aspects of the Budget Making process from the public.

"Speculative commodity future markets may also be responsible for global price rise in food prices". Opposing this view of world economists which of the following world bodies has recently concluded' this?

Mangla, Bhagyam and Aishwarya are in the news due to which one of the following reasons

Select the correct code regarding the hill districts in India for forest cover:
The hill districts identified for the forest cover analysis are the same as those identified by the Planning Commission for Hill Areas and Western Ghats Development Programme.
As per the Planning Commission's criterion, a hill disnict is one whose total aiea of hill talukas is more than half of the geographic area of the district.

Select the correct statements related to the new System of National Accounts to which India shifted recently-nsing the code given below:
now, India accounts its national income at 'market price'.
growth rate of the economy is now' measured by 'GDP at constant market price'.
'product taxes' added to the 'gross value added' is the 'market price'
'product taxes' are ultimately paid by the consumers of goods and services

Select the correct statements related to inflation index in India, using the code given below:
WPI series mainly tracks the movement of producer and bulk transaction prices and its weights are based on the value of output in different sectors of the economy.
WPI is similar to the ''producer price index' compiled in other countries
CPI is based on consumer expenditure estimates and tracks inflation at the retail level-the prices consumers pay.

Swiss Challenge was recendy in irews. Select the correct statements related to it, using the code given below:
it is a method of public procurement through awarding contracts.
bidders face challenge of improving upon the flrst bidder.
the new method of awarding contacts is being first time used in India.
this can be used for PPP and non-PPP projects

Which of the following is not among the Specialised Wings of the newly created development 'think tank' the Niti Aayog?

Today, India has constitutional bodies at the local levels-in rural as well as urban areas-to look after the needs of planned development. Select the correct code about the share of these bodies in the total public sector expenditure of the economy:
Local bodies in India have 15 Per cent share in the total public sector expenditure.
The share of local government expenditure in the county's Gross Domestic Product is 5 per cent.

Select the correct statement regarding.the India's approach to the process of economic reforms, using the code given below:
Indian version of reform has been incremental in approach.
Socio-political gains have got primacy over the economic gains.
It evolved out of participative policy- making process.

Consider the following statements and select the correct code given below:
After China and Brazil, the Reserve Bank of India has entered into an agreement with the International Monetary Fund to purchase
It is a part of an international initiative through which the capacity of IMF to grant loans would get strengthened.
The notes issued by International Monetary Fund have Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as its principal.
SDR is the unit of Fund, which includes American Dollar, Euro and Pound.

Select the grassroots level organisation, which has worked in 17 states of India and was set up in 1993 by a group of people concemed atout food and livelihood security in the country.

As per the circular of the RBI, what is correct about the Core Investment Companies (CICs)?

As perthe Planning Commission's criterion, a hill taluka is

Select the correct statement/statements related to the Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO), using the code given below:
It is the apex body of Indian export promotion organisations.
Jointly set up by the Union Ministry of Commerce and Indian trade and industry.
It represents Indian entrepreneurs in the global market except in Africa.

Which one of the following statements regarding Second White Revotution is incorrect?

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